In love with Málaga – again

SPAIN: Málaga has undergone a total makeover. And I am in love with the colorful result!
I haven’t blogged in a while, and I have so many travel stories I would like to share. But first and foremost I have to share some memories from a quite resent tour.

Last month I visited Málaga, a town where I once studied Spanish. I and have visited several times since the late nighties, but boy has this Andalusian town changed since my last visit! 

Ten years ago Málaga was considered just a stopping point before traveling further down the Costa del sol, the sunny coast, to places like Marbella, Torremolinos and Fuengirola.
But a lot of us fell in love with the city with its previous rugged charm.
But since 1996 Málaga have had a plan to renew the city, and the plan is working! This charming city has become a new travel favorite to many more. And there is many reasons to go down south of Spain.
Málaga is one of the oldest cities in Spain, more than 3000 years old, and have a lot of historical sites.

The old town has always been beautiful, but now now there are many more cafes and restaurants, and the area so clean you can use the paved roads as mirrors.
Five years ago the new commercial harbor with fancy shops and restaurant was established, with a colorful Pompidou art center at the entrance.

A new artsy area called Soho (like so many others) is developing close to the river Guadalmedina, and there you also find the new Museum of Contemporary art, CAC.

There are new restaurants in the hills surrounding the beautiful city.

And then of course – the beaches! They are so many, so close to the city! The culture, vibe and sunny weather makes Málaga a perfect beach/city vaycay spot.

Here are my selection of things to do.

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